Bitcoin Cash’s SLP Protocol Development

Bitcoin Cash’s SLP protocol is developing well

In the Bitcoin Cash community, the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and the tokens based on it are already well known. Although the SLP project has only been launched for more than a year, many people use it every day to create tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Now more than 4,000 tokens have been created, and the SLP ecosystem is constantly being created. Extension.



SLP hackathon to further build a token environment

In order to further build the token environment, developers are holding a special SLP Hackathon. In the last report on the SLP Virtual Hackathon (SLPVH), it was mentioned that awards will be given to the winners. Now, through the donation of Bitcoin Cash and SLP tokens, the prize pool has exceeded $7,000.


Last week, supporters of the Bitcoin Cash Exchange donated various tokens such as Bitcoin Cash and Spice to the prize pool to give participants more incentives.

SLPVH will be held on September 27, 3 days and 72 hours in total. It aims to encourage participants to come up with unique ideas, such as on-chain voting, specific token wallets, SLP tipping robots, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and chain On the game and so on.

SLP tokens

In addition, the developers also released explanatory videos about the development of SLP tokens, such as how to set up the development environment, create tokens and send token walkthroughs, to help the participants of the SLP hackathon. Encourage them to contribute ideas that contribute to the development of SLP and further build a good token environment.


The new version of Crescent Cash wallet supports SLP tokens

This week, the open source non-custodial BCH wallet released version 1.8.1 of Crescent Cash. Like wallets such as Badger, Electron Cash and Ifwalle, Crescent Cash customers also support SLP tokens.

In addition, Pokkst has improved the user interface, and now the wallet supports SLP token icons. This means that if the token has an icon image related to the design, the icon will be displayed in the user interface of the wallet.


SLP tokens are “art”

As discussed in the previous SLP in-depth editorial by, developers have been trying to figure out the best way to attach SVG, GIF or other types of images to tokens. People want to add pictures and custom pictures to non-fungible tokens, as the developer Gabriel Cardona said, “Tokens are art.”


Cardona said on Twitter: “Many valuable art films and music are marked as NFT (non-fungible token), and all collectibles will become NFTs on the blockchain.” After issuing the statement, he shared one The created art token, which displays a dynamic GIF image, which can be viewed by anyone on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.


The development of SLP will be pushed to new heights

Among the tokens established based on the SLP protocol, the most well-known token is Spice, and now another interesting SLP token, sai, has entered everyone’s field of vision. Sai is a peer-to-peer trading platform based on SLP. It has been added to the Coinex exchange last month. The current trading price is $0.04 per sai, and the 24-hour trading volume last Friday reached $805,000.

Secondly, there is the stable currency USDH built on BCH. Cryptophyl, the exclusive exchange of SLP, has added USDH/BCH trading pairs. It has also released a transparency report on USDH and the company behind it, Honestnode. The types and functions of SLP tokens are becoming more and more abundant.


There are daily discussions about SLP tokens on BCH forums and social media. The development trend of SLP has not stopped, but the vitality is getting stronger and stronger, and passionate BCH supporters will continue to develop SLP to a new level.


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