What is the Business Opportunity in Adult Industry?


Business Opportunities in the Sexual Adult Industry

With adult revolution in the world this sector needs organization. Even the smallest adult stores have tried and tested and started selling adult toys, bachelorette cakes, male strippers and got above 100 paying customers in this prototype. This proves the potential in this business.

It is not just vulgar toys and cakes but this entire sector needs organization in all respects.


Adult Products and Services Business Opportunities

There are toy selling sites but unorganized, they just have few adult products to sell but lack organization as there is no major operator who can be associated with the sector.

Bachelorettee Parties are in vogue and we had 100+ such customers just for cakes.

Each cake costs Rs. 3000 on an average.

But there is much to be done to organize this sector.


What is the Problem in Adult Products and Services Sector?

With sex revolution in India this sector needs organization.

No prominent brand is associated with this sector.

Products in the Sex Industry

This sector needs both online and offline presence which is missing, like bachelorette party venues, event organizations, etc.


What is the Solution of Adult Products and Services Sector Problems?

According to the problem above by providing goods and services with full reliability, and a brand with turnkey solutions and to rely upon. Goods are adult food, toys etc.

Services are like event organization and venues for events.

Sex Product


What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Adult Industry Products and Services?

This is a complete plan with many things associated with it which do not exist now but will be readily taken as soon as they emerge and there is scope to dominate this sector thus, organized or created.


First start associate the brand name with the segment as people gain trust in brand, which lasts forever with consistent timely tweaks.


Competition and Barriers to Entry in the Sexual Industry Segment

Currently there is no proper solution except toys and food operators but unorganized and no brand is prominently associated to the sector.


Besides, there is no turn key solution provider which can be always associated with the segment. Besides major parts of this segment are virgin or greenfield.



Once brand is associated with the segment it creates barriers to novices and expertise in the segment help ejecting the new entrants from the market. Detailed strategy is well in place.


What could be the Revenue Model of Sexual Industry Agency Services?

Businesses may make money through B2C sales, plan to add brand promotions revenue generation too.

Maximum delayed businesses may be looking for being profitable in 1.5 years of inception and going for IPO by the end of second year.

Else businesses may continue with series of funding to generate profits for investors by allowing them exit at higher valuation on next series of funding.

Decision should ideally be made solely on investors’ interest.

Cash Burning will not be necessary.



What could be the Target Market of Vulgar Products?

The size of the market is as almost half of the generic high class cakes, party clubs market as adult partying is the new trend now and is to live forever.

The percentage we are targeting is almost the half of the available customers as if businesses make a head start we dominate the sector just as Amazon does in regular e-commerce.

Adult ecommerce

The customer profile would be all middle level to elite strata party people of All age, civic India top to tier-2 cities people who use or likely to attract to bars clubs and also house parties and elsewhere.

The channels businesses may use to get to this market is franchise with bakers, bars, clubs, discotheques with regular advertising (mostly online).

(Bars and Clubs Market was US$2.3 Bn in 2019)


How Adult  Products/Services add value?

As Amazon has already captured the e-commerce market its difficult to take a significant share in the world in it. But specialization can help.

As people identify things or brands with specialization they will join only us as we are pioneers organizing this sector.

People will join as people need trustworthy source for all adult products and services and we are pioneers it will be our domain.

Just as e-commerce products can also be directly sold on Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Urban Company, etc. these days, yet Amazon have e-commerce specialization as they were pioneers and hold public trust or reliance.


Is there any real market for such Naughty products?

There is of course a large market in this industry segment as more and more people are now open up to adult and sexual experimentation and are purchasing sexual products and services increasingly.

There is also LGBT revolution which is pertaining to sexuality and people are making more than ever girlfriends and boyfriends aka fuck buddies.


Are there some good investors in Erotic Industry segment?

There should ideally be investors but it is not always easy to make a head start.

Most investors are not lively and feel lethargic on hearing about sexual industry as they are not ready to give it a mindful thought which makes the opportunity pass by.

Industries in the Sex Products and Services sector

In case the entrepreneurs are able to bring the investors at ease, they will definitely be able to convince them for investing in this highly rewarding industry poised to get organized and give returns to the investors.


Are there any opportunities in the manufacturing segment of the adult industry?

In the manufacturing industry as regards sexual products there are highly rewarding opportunities in all the locations where consumer goods production is flourishing. This is as the environment conducive to any consumer products industry is suitable to the erotic or sexual products industry.

Though there is little support from the government in the adult products sector except for contraceptives, it may support the products manufacturing being under the generic consumer products.

Permission and licenses are the same as in the case of other consumer products.

Some designs and shapes of the adult toys are to be kept in mind.



Are there any opportunities in the services segment of the adult industry?

In the services segment of the adult industry there is a lot of compliance to be made.

People are always able to make it legal but there is a lot of corruption at many places so state authorities at corruption dominated places may try implicating businesses in fabricated cases. Thus, legal awareness and support is necessary.


Are there any opportunities in the brokerage or agency segment of the adult industry?

In fact there are opportunities in the brokerage or agency segment of the adult industry where a third party organizes the market and facilitates smooth deliver of the goods and services of the adult or sexual industry.


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