Girls Party Bachelorette Cake Ideas in Penis Cakes Shape

Bachelorette Cake Ideas in Dick Cakes Shape for Wild Girls Party

In the recent times partying has changes a lot. Modern people are trying to experiment new things. Out of that experimentation and the urge to try all the pleasing things have lead to new products come up in the market. Specially, as regards naughty products girls are getting more advanced and hence their pre-wedding HEN parties are seeing bachelorette party cakes in the form of penis cakes that show simulation of male organ or private part of men. Mostly, in the elite segment of the civic society girls party with a bachelorette cake is a must. This started as males also celebrated their bachelor parties with naughty cakes and female strippers so women came up with the idea of why should boys have al the fun and introduced bachelorette cake with male stripper strip tease for the bride to be and the party girls.

Naughty Girls Bachelorette Party Cake


20 Bachelorette Party Dick Cake for Girls FAQ



Following are 20 Penis Shaped bachelorette cake questions and answers:

Q 1. Why Bachelorette Cake Ideas are very common these days?

Ans. These days as girls have gained more independence as well as economic status they are able to do whatever they want. Women are now able to try new things as well as fulfill their wishes. They are turning down myths and leading towards developmental path where women and men are equal and both have the right to enjoy their once in all time life. This allows them to try funny and amusing things like dick cakes at bachelorette or HEN parties.

All girls bachelorette party dick cake idea



Q 2. How to Select the Most Attractive Bachelorette Cake Designs?

Ans. You may go to business listings of Bing and Google where bachelorette cake sellers have listed their different penis cake designs. You may choose out of the many.

You may also visit the sellers website searching from search engine and reach the relevant page where girls’ naughty party cakes are listed for sale. You may choose the best that suits you out of those product list.

Big penis cake for bacheloretet party of adult girls


Q 3. Where can I get bachelorette cake images to refer for choosing for my HEN party?

Ans. You may refer image sharing sites where product sellers or bakers list their products on sale. Many times these sites have direct contact with bakers via WhatsApp or direct chat through a chat window.

So, from here you may select the appropriate bachelorette cake image and ask them for more specifications like color combinations, eating material price negotiation, deliver service and so on.

Big cock cake for HEN Parties of Women


Q 4. Do party planners and hotels provide penis cakes for bachelorette party?

Ans. Many times party locations like hotels have arrangements of penis cakes for your all girls parties. Party planners are always willing and happy to get a big penis cake for you. These professionals have to arrange all things pertaining to the party so also male anatomy cake for bride to be and wild party females.

Wild girls party penis cake design


Q 5. Can I throw party with penis cake apart from pre-wedding ones?

Ans. Yes, you may enjoy big penis cake designs apart form pre-weddings on occasions such as adult girl birthday, kitty party, HEN nights celebrations and any occasion where there are only girls you can make an amusement plan and have fun including big dick cakes in your wild and freedom parties. This way yo can have all the party fun with kinky cake design idea.

Male anatomy kinky cake for adult girls
Image Source: Google


Q 6. Which is the highest selling bakery product among young girls?

Ans. The largest selling bakery product among young girls in the late is bachelorette party cake. This is as financially dependent women buy bakery products for themselves and buy them as much as they like, and as they have purchasing power with themselves they buy naughty cake for their parties.


Bride ot be enjoying with a dick cake at her bacheloretet party with girls
Image source: Google


Q 7. What are some of the newest bachelorette cake ideas?

Ans. The newest bachelorette party cake ideas are based on the basis of specialization. Like among the health and medical fraternity like doctors ,chemists, hospital managers, psychologists, dieticians, naturopathy practitioners girls use a huge penis cake with a stethoscope or any medical device representing his man’s profession. Similarly, other professionals use some sort of simulation of their boy’s profession on the HEN party cake.

Bachelorette party cake for brides based on profession of the potential bride's-groom



Q 8. What are some of the exciting penis cake ideas?

Ans. Some of the exciting penis cake ideas are:

  • Double penis cake
  • Multi-penis cake
  • Erect penis cake
  • Cock sucking cake
  • Ejaculating penis cake
  • Girl riding an over sized huge dick cake
  • Penis cupcake

Ladies may have their own fantasies which they may bring live on the male organ bachelorette theme cake simulation.

Designer bachelorette theme cake for females



Q 9. Which is the best seller for penis cake delivery?

Ans. The best seller for penis cake delivery is ‘penis cake luckonluck’.

Girls know them as pioneers of penis cakes in India and customer reviews show that they are most reliable as far as male private part cakes are concerned.

Girls’ ratings on their eating material quality, price specification, delivery service, customer care as main attributes show that they are excellent and score the highest.

Girl enjoying male private part cake at HEN party with all girls


Q 10. Which actresses have been recently caught up with penis cake controversy?

Ans. The actresses caught-up recently with dick cake controversy are:

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Malaika Arora with her sister Amrita Arora and others
  • Nia Sharma

This shows the popularity among the celebrities and their fan following and that they love licking and taking dick cake deep throat.


Bride taking hard penic cake deep throat


Q11. Are girls party cakes also available in the form of bachelorette cupcake?

Ans. Wild girls cakes are also available in the shape of bachelorette party cupcakes. These are helpful as in case of several girl, each can take a complete penis cup cake for herself and all can enjoy together. Its just that these are not that good for bachelorette cake smash.

Penis shaped bachelorette party cup cakes for horny girls parties


Q 12. What are typical prices of bachelorette cakes?

Ans. Typically bachelorette party penis cakes are little costly than normal one as good quality of these cakes are made form high quality edible fondant material only and designers charge a little extra as there are very few bachelorette cake designers with bakers.

Penis cake price depends upon the size and location of the cities where it
is deliverable by the baker.

The following price data table shows dick shaped bachelorette cake prices:

Cake Weight

Price in US$

Price in GBP

Price in Euro

Price in INR





















Penis cake price in tabular format


Attractive girls party attraction huge dick shaped male organ cake



Q 13. What is the procedure to buy penis cakes?

Ans. You may buy penis cake online or offline:

Buying bachelorette cake offline:- To buy bachelorette cake offline you need to go to a physical bakery store, select the cake or specify your own design and cake weight and then go and collect the cake. The seller may provide delivery service

Buying bachelorette party cake online:-

Step by step process of buying bachelorette theme cake online-

  1.  To buy bachelorette cake online you need to make search online, surf product listings on Google and Bing, on other listing sites, or on the websites of the sellers themselves.
  2. Reach the website of the sellers
  3.  Select the seller and the design, quality and price that suits you out of the many sellers
  4.  Place the order on the site itself, you may also contact customer care at the email or number provided on the site itself or the listing
  5. Make the payment online or choose COD (Cash On Delivery)
  6. Wait for the product delivery

Very popular bachelorette theme cake showing bride riding groom



Q 14. How popular are bachelorette party cakes in different parts of the world?

Ans. Bachelorette party cakes popularity in different parts of the world:

  1. USA, UK Australia, New Zealand and Canada: Bachelorette part cakes are very common at these places. People also make penis cakes at home, that is why penis cake pans are very popular at these places.
  2. China, Korea and Japan: These places are very conservative so there are very few people using phallus shaped bachelorette cakes.But they have started using it but the use is not increasing so much.
  3. Africa Italy, France, Germany, India Brazil and Philippines: These places are semi-conservative and the use of cock shaped cakes is increasing at a very rapid pace among the high class people.

Naughty cake for females



Q15. Who are the customers of dick cakes?

Ans. Generally elite women are customers of cock shaped cakes.But sometime gay men also buy them. These are also popular among the LGBT community.

Image of a naughty party cake of females



Q 16. Is naughty cakes market profitable?

Ans. Naughty cakes are used by elite segment ladies of the society so the sale is not so high. But if one established themselves as such products seller then then they can have the majority chunk of the purchasers.

Also, as the prices are quiet good so there is a great degree of profitability. Thus, the future of this business is quiet promising.

Bachelorete party cake near me simulation



Q 17. Is it a common practice among ladies to serve penis cakes to female guests?

Ans. Dick cakes are used by ladies and in case the guest herself is a lady the host may serve it if they enjoy that degree of understanding otherwise the guest may frown. Thus, it is clear that cock shaped cakes are use at bachelorette theme naughty parties only and not on regular basis.

A horny and nughty girl cake to play with bride to be



Q 18. Do family members know about the girls enjoying male anatomy cake?

Ans. The girls enjoying male private part cake are form elite background. There the family member know what they are doing and allow them privacy as in all private matters. They need not openly discuss it but they use it and most of the times their family members are also aware, at least those who are buying it.

Girls party usable male private organ cake
Image Source: Google



Q 19. Where do party girls get bachelorette cake delivery in India?

Ans. Party girls get delivery of penis shaped bachelorette cakes primarily in well connected cities like:

  • New Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Faridabad
  • Noida
  • Ghaziabad
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Goa
  • Ahmedabad
  • Surat
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai

And many new cities are regularly adding up to the list.


A male organ cake for ladies party


Q 20. What are some of the best selling bachelorette cake designs?

Ans. 10 top best selling bachelorette party cake designs are:


Cake for vulgar parties of adult girls and women



A unique phallus shaped cake



An ejaculating cock cake



Boy organ cake



Cake for horny party girls



Female utility male part cake design



A large size willy cake for partying women



Kinky kitty party cake



Designer Cake for bride to be



Cake for horny ladies party




Adult girls bachelorette party cakes are now not new things. But these are a buzz to all new girls experiencing them for the first time. These are very common in the parties of all types where there are only women. Some parties also involve boys but spoil the real fun. LGBT people also love these dick cake very much, specially the gay men. These penis cakes are available both online and offline and are easy to buy. Sources like product listings, social media pages, twitter user accounts of updates on penis cakes and allied products and services are available online itself . The future of this product is very bright.




Reviewed by:

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Designation: Marketing Consultant

Experience: 15 Years of Bakery Products Marketing

Expertise: Party Cakes, including Bachelorette Cakes


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