Employees Cannot Get Huawei’s Most Expensive Phone

Hunting Huawei’s most expensive mobile phone: employees say they can’t get it

At 10:08 am on March 3, it is the time for the new round of Mate X2 mobile phones to go on sale in Huawei Mall. The countdown has just ended, and buyers who have been waiting in front of the web page busy clicking the purchase button, hoping to grab the latest Huawei mobile phone. But only a few seconds later, the vast majority of people received only a system notification that the purchase was not successful.


Tips for successful purchase in Huawei Mall

They failed again.

This is the fourth rush purchase initiated by Huawei Mall since the official launch on February 25. Fortunately, there are still very few lucky ones.

Before the launch, Huawei’s official claim that “sufficient production capacity has been prepared” seems to be empty talk. Severe scarcity is the most intuitive feeling of this Mate X2 for all-minded buyers.


Mate X2 is the third-generation folding screen phone released by Huawei on February 22, priced at 17,999 yuan (256GB RAM) and 18,999 yuan (512GB RAM).

In the current series of Huawei models, this is the most expensive one. Although the price is high, platforms such as Huawei Mall, JD.com, and Tmall have stocked a large number of potential buyers early.

However, it is difficult to find a machine from official channels, which directly pushed up the recent price of Mate X2 on the “black market”-at every turn up to tens of thousands of yuan.


Huawei Employees themselves Can’t get the Company’s Phone

It seems to have become the latest partner with Feitian Moutai in the commodity camp that has been speculated as a “financial product”.

“The employees themselves can’t get it”


Mate X2 can be called “born with a golden key”.


One of the biggest selling points of this phone is the Kirin 9000 chip developed by Huawei. After the “cut-off” in September last year, this will almost be Huawei’s last generation of high-end chips. The tight chip inventory also makes the Mate X2 “sell one and one less.” Coupled with the unique style of the folding screen phone itself, Mate X2 was very popular before it went on sale.


According to data from Huawei Mall, before the official launch on the morning of February 25, the number of people who made an appointment to purchase Mate X2 reached about 3 million.

A Huawei employee said, “I originally thought that folding screen phones (the price was relatively high), but I didn’t expect that the demand would be so large.”

On March 1, a Huawei sales back-end person sighed to a businessman. Prior to this, she herself had participated in three consecutive panic buying activities, but she had nothing.


Customers experiencing the Mate X2 foldable screen phone in the Huawei store are overcrowded

“Our own employees are also very difficult to buy, even if we want, we need to panic buying like users. Only one colleague beside me was lucky enough to grab it.” She said.


In response to users’ complaints that are difficult to grab, Huawei Mall officially stated that different equipment and network environments will affect the final purchase results. It is recommended that users use mobile phones and computers to purchase at the same time, and log in to the mall in advance to set the default address. Refresh the interface in advance when it’s almost there, don’t be careless after submitting the order, and quickly click Next to complete the payment.


In order to “care” the emotions of more buyers, Huawei Mall stipulates that at present, each account can only purchase one, and under no circumstances can purchase the second one.

In addition, Mate X2 does not support installment payment for the time being, and those who succeed in snapping up must pay for the purchase at a time.


“Unless you are a magic number, you can grab it at will.” A Huawei mobile phone user told a “businessman”. The “God” he called refers to the membership level of Huawei Mall. The current Huawei Mall membership system includes six levels of V0-V5 (levels can be increased step by step through shopping, etc.), and users of different levels enjoy different privileges. In the eyes of many people who follow Mate X2, the success rate of high-level members will be higher. But if it is not for this type of account, there is a high probability of nothing.


With a sigh of regret, the lucky few who are eligible to get this phone naturally arouse the envy of others.


Skyfall windfall

Gao Lin is one of them. He said that after the listing of Mate X2, he unexpectedly received a must-purchase code from Jingdong Mall, which means that he can purchase it first. He was puzzled for a while, “I am not a member of JD Plus, and I rarely buy things on JD. Why did I suddenly receive a must-purchase code?” Suddenly, he succeeded in grabbing one, and it felt like a fortune. “Skyfall windfall.”


Waiting in advance and starting to grab at the point, there is still no obvious sign of cooling down under this kind of rush-buying situation under the scarcity of hot items. The above-mentioned Huawei insider said that in fact, the backstage has been stepping up production, but it is indeed temporarily out of supply. The result of this is that buying a Mate X2 is like scratching a lottery ticket with a lot of prizes, either with joy or disappointment.


“Black market” transactions

Online competition is so fierce, it is not easy to buy this phone from offline physical stores at a reasonable price.


A staff member of a Huawei authorized experience store in Fengtai District, Beijing, said that currently their store only has one Mate X2 for display. “Our store level is not enough, only plus stores (note: a kind of Huawei authorized store) over 200 square meters are eligible to get the goods.”


In order to cope with the scalpers’ hoarding of goods through offline channels, these stores had to move out new tricks. According to some buyers, they used to make an appointment successfully at the original price in offline stores, but when picking up the goods, they need to open the box on the spot and activate the binding mobile phone number and Huawei ID to verify the identity of the buyer.


Whether it is due to insufficient production capacity or the so-called “hungry marketing”, the result is an active “black market” transaction outside the official normal channels.


Even in the “specialty store”, the price of Mate X2 far exceeds Huawei’s official price. On March 1, a clerk at a Huawei store in Chaoyang, Beijing told a “businessman” that they had stock in the store, but the 256GB Mate X2 was priced at 35,000. This is almost double the official price of 17,999 yuan.


Nevertheless, it is not possible to buy it if you want. The clerk said that they also got a dozen units for the entire company. “To be honest, people who buy this don’t ask for the price at all. It’s good if they can get it. Ordinary people would spend tens of thousands to buy this?


This kind of high-premium sales is even more obvious for all kinds of third-party sellers on major e-commerce platforms. On the promotional pages of these merchants, most of the words such as “Huawei official direct supply”, “scarce supply”, and “limited purchase” are used to attract customers.


On February 28, a “businessman” consulted a Taobao store as a buyer. The customer service staff claimed that the store was a Huawei dealer. Mate X2 was available in many ways, distributed from Huawei channels, and they were all original products. inactivated. “If you place an order in Beijing, you can also flash it to your door.”


At that time, the interface of the merchant showed that the 256GB version of Mate X2 was priced at 25,499 yuan, and the 512GB version was 36,399 yuan. The other party also cautiously stated that if the number of purchases is large enough, a discount of two hundred yuan per unit can be made on the current basis.


JD is authorized by Huawei and are directly supplied by the manufacturer

In addition, the customer service of a store on JD.com also said, “We are authorized by Huawei and are directly supplied by the manufacturer. The machine is the same as the official self-operated machine. You can buy it with confidence.” But when asked whether it is available online During the on-site consultation, the customer service hurriedly ended the conversation on the grounds that there was no physical store.


The above-mentioned Huawei person said that it is not recommended to buy Mate X2 in similar third-party stores. She believes that these merchants are not official channels after all. Although the product is hung on its interface, it is difficult to monitor the source of goods, so it is not sure what will be sent. In fact, these businesses are independent sales entities at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and Huawei cannot do more supervision over them. Therefore, it is recommended to buy from the official flagship store.


Mate X2 business chain


On the one hand, the price is rising, and on the other hand, the market enthusiasm is hard to suppress.


Although folding screen mobile phones are still a niche product, on platforms such as Xianyu, the high-priced proxy bidding for Mate X2, the sale of panic buying software, and various resale transactions are very hot.



Xianyu’s previous generation auction business is booming

On March 2nd, a user of Xianyu told a “commercial person” that he could charge 200 yuan to help with the auction, but if it is unsuccessful, the auction fee will not be refunded. It claims to be “Gigabit network, special equipment for grabbing.” The specific proxy shooting process is: the buyer provides the Huawei Mall account, fills in the harvest address and other information, and he logs in to the account to help snap up the purchase. After grabbing, there will be orders to be paid in the Huawei Mall, and buyers can log in and pay by themselves.


“Now the success rate of proxy shooting is about half, not 100%.” ​​He said, “After the purchase is successful, it will be shipped directly from Huawei’s warehouse to you. There are no other links, and safety is guaranteed.”


Browsing the many “agents for auction” on Xianyu, the fees charged can vary from high to low. A user whose coordinates are located in Guangzhou said that he can also help to shoot on behalf of Huawei Mall, but he must have an account above the V3 level. From her experience, membership level has a relatively large impact on the success rate. For those below V3, she has not succeeded in snapping up. The charging standard hanging on the interface is as high as 8888 yuan. Even so, she said in response to related inquiries, “I don’t receive the Mate X2 order now, it is full.”


In addition to proxy auctions, the sale of snap-up software has also become a business in the Mate X2 business chain.


According to a Xianyu “merchant”, it can sell special software for panic buying, which can reduce platform restrictions and increase the success rate of panic buying.


After learning that he was interested in the software, the merchant further promoted that the software was developed by his team and can be installed on both Apple and Android phones. After installation, the success rate of panic buying can reach about 70%. “You have to pay first, and then teach you how to install it step by step.”


After paying 80 yuan, the “businessman” downloaded a snap-buying software from the app store in accordance with the further “guidance” of the merchant. According to reports, this is “a rush-buying assistant software with a flash function that supports all mainstream e-commerce channels, without clicking, automatically jumps, and locks the order after submitting the order. As long as you want, you can master Maotai, sneakers, JK, etc. .”


According to the company’s information, this software was developed by a Shanghai network technology company.

The company was established in 2018 and focuses on “trend e-commerce.” This Xianyu “merchant” avoided asking questions about the company, but roughly taught the specific use process of the software: copy the product link from other e-commerce platforms, then open it with this software, and then manually adjust the buying parameters (Such as the time advance by a few milliseconds).

At the last five seconds of the countdown to the official start of sales, you must press the relevant signs on the software until the order is successfully submitted, and then the payment is withdrawn.



The company behind the software sold by Xianyu “merchants”

The actual success rate of this software is unknown. However, as long as the popularity of Mate X2 does not diminish, this game will continue.


“For fund stocks to choose Moutai, mobile phones still have to look at Huawei.” In the face of the frenzied buying market, a netizen ridiculed like this in Tieba. Some Huawei supporters said, “Huawei is really difficult. It’s been choked, and it has to extend the life cycle of its mobile phone business as much as possible.” However, some people are starting to get out of anger: If the flagship of a mobile phone brand can only be bought through scalpers, may I ask What is the significance of such a new product?


Recall that in 2019, when Huawei launched the first generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate X, at that time one was also fired up to a “sky price” of 70,000 yuan. Today, Mate X2 is in the same situation. For Huawei, I don’t know whether it should be fortunate or worry?



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